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This Automatic Watch Is Both Seriously Stylish and Seriously Affordable

L.A.-based accessories brand MVMT, a pioneer in the concept that cool watches don't have to cost a fortune, has come out with their first-ever automatic timepiece, the Arc Automatic. Priced at $300, its mechanical movement is the kind of thing you'd usually only find in expensive Swiss watches, and the design is equally world-class.

Featuring MVMT's signature minimalist aesthetic and inspired by the experimental spirit of 1960’s architecture, the steel timepiece a paragon of contemporary craftsmanship rendered in sleek stainless steel and rich Italian leather. 

If you've never owned an automatic watch before, be prepared for next-level timekeeping. You don't have to wind this watch with a tool, nor does it need a battery; the springs and gears that drive the smooth sweeping motion of the hands are powered by the natural movements of the wearer’s wrist, "fostering a strong, reliant bond between watch and wearer," as MVMT notes.

You can see it in motion for yourself via the special "exhibition" see-through caseback, again a feature usually found in watches costing more than three times as much. Automatic movements are much more complex to produce, with many more minute parts than quartz watches, but the satisfaction and excellence of engineering are something every man must experience in his lifetime. 

This is MVMT's most sophisticated watch to date, and it comes in four different colors to suit every style and occasion. Sized at 41mm, it's presented on a luxe Italian leather strap, which is interchangeable. MVMT is set on getting the younger generation of gentlemen excited about the old-school approach to timekeeping, and the Arc Automatic is the strongest case yet for wearing a proper watch without emptying your wallet.