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The Bicycle Finally Gets A Classy Wooden Makeover


Woodworkers from Portugal are harmonizing nature with an unique experience to bring forth wooden bicycles worthy of museum displays. MUD Cycles – or Manufacture Under Design – are creating handmade cruisers that are meant to become objects of desire. 

Their bespoke development process is slow and meticulously complicated. But, their results are nothing short of top-quality design. Each two-wheeler is a fully functional art object intended to be used, and enjoyed. 

Its frame, both pedals, and mudguard are made from birch and oak wood – elegantly overhauling the bicycle back to its classic beginnings. 

With Shimano made hub gear and brakes, this three-speeder is equipped to ride – it also has an aged-leather saddle to ensure a relaxed cycle. 

We hold what MUD are creating in high regard. Their handmade operation not only looks good, but also enables why everyone should enjoy their rides – whether it be your bicycle, or life-cycle.