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There's been much hand-wringing amongst audiophiles that the current era of compressed digital music files has worsened the quality of the tunes we listen to on a daily basis. And that's not wrong, it's just much easier to listen to music on your phone even if the experience is sub-par, melodically speaking. 

It's gotten to the point that a lot of people have in fact forgotten what properly played music even sounds like. But there's no need to start geeking out on vinyl or buy one of those ultra-expensive high-res audio players just yet. Start by upgrading your listening experience via better quality headphones, speakers and such. 

And pick ones that complement your design aesthetic so you'll be more inclined to use them and leave the earbuds at home. Here are five we really like: 

Master & Dyanmic Zero Haliburton Kit, $1,185

Are these leather-wrapped headphones in a custom, near-bulletproof metal case overkill? Yes but they're gorgeous and every time you use them you'll feel like James Bond. 

Vifa Mountain Blue Oslo Bluetooth Speaker, $520

There are bluetooth speakers that call attention to themselves, and then there are Denmark-based Vifa's stunning products that make a much quieter and more elegant design statement. 

Tivoli Audio Model One Digital Radio, $390

Top-quality walnut upgrades this minimalistic masterpiece making it into something you'll no longer need to hide on a shelf. The tech has also been upgraded to make streaming seamless.

Master & Dynamic Bamford Watch Dept. Headphones, $695

British tastemaker, watch customizer and car collector George Bamford collaborated on these limited edition leather earphones featuring the signature Bamford aqua blue on the underside.

Orbitsound Bamboo One P70W Airsound System, $530

This WiFi-enabled speaker one-ups the competition thanks to a powerful integrated subwoofer delivering rich rolling bass and crisp balanced mid and high frequencies while the bamboo trim is easy on the eyes.