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A Grooming Upstart Is Adopting Costco's Model to Sell You Goods at Actual Cost

Save serious cash on all your bathroom essentials.
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The grooming specialists at Morgans just launched a genius private beta program that's never been done in e-commerce before - selling products at actual, true cost. Whatever they pay, you'll pay too.

To start, they're giving 1,000 people access to all of their natural and sustainable products at actual cost. $1.96 for shaving cream? Yes sir. $1.97 for moisturizer. Believe it.

Customers just pay a simple, no-fuss, $8/month for access. It's basically the Costco model – making money on a reasonable membership, not on ripping off customers.

"The idea is to really revolutionize the industry," says CEO Morgan Hirsh. "Everyone is saying direct these days but still charge four times cost. P&G brands are going through four layers before it gets to the customer: factory to brand to distributor to retailer to you. Our deodorant costs $2.00, we sell it for $2.00."

Available now with goods ranging from toothbrushes to toilet paper, you can sign-up for access via their website today. Your wallet is about to be thanking you on a regular basis.