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Embrace Secret Agent Style With Montblanc’s New E-Strap

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For lovers of traditional watches who can’t fathom strapping a smartwatch on regularly, this newly updated e-strap by Montblanc is your ticket to getting Q-Branch technology on your wrist without sacrificing what you love about mechanical timepieces.

The Twin Smart Strap, available in both leather and nylon, features a curved OLED screen housed in a watch-inspired case and is packed with just a handful of essential features: text, call and calendar notifications as well as activity tracking and wireless payment. You can’t play Candy Crush or double tap Instagram photos on the thing, but, of course, that’s not the point.

It's set to hit Montblanc stores and authorized dealers at the end of summer with a price tag around $450. It’s the best “hybrid” solution we’ve seen in the smartwatch world and bound to make you feel a little bit more like a tastefully dressed British spy when in use.