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Montblanc Made a Smart Watch for People Who Hate Them

OK, this is pretty cool.
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If you're the kind of guy who wouldn't be caught dead with an Apple Watch–or worse, Samsung Gear–Montblanc made the Summit timepiece for you

It's beautiful, with a semi-military inspired look that's masculine and stylish. You can wear this in the stuffiest of offices and not a single person will even realize it's got some major technology packed inside, which is refreshing in a world hellbent on outfitting you with the latest gizmos and gadgets.

Its dial is made up of a high-contrast touch screen that's covered in a traditional curved sapphire glass, giving it a more classic look free of oil and fingerprints. This alone seriously separates it from the pack, so even though the Andorid-powered operating system is rather standard, the casing and quality Montblanc invested into its design is simply stellar. 

It comes in a few different options (stainless steel with green rubber NATO looks amazing) which all range from $890 to $930 in price. It won't be available to purchase online, so you'll have to head to a Montblanc boutique to acquire.