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Montblanc Collaborated With Design Legend Marc Newson

A good pen is something every guy needs.
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Montblanc, the luxury company focused on pens, watches, and other tools, just reviled their first ever collaboration, a stunning set of pens that were designed by (the legend) Marc Newson, a guy who has worked for companies ranging from Pentax, to Louis Vuitton, to Apple. When it comes to top designers in the world, Newson is in the same league as Jony Ive.

Dubbed the Montblanc M and made from black resin and featuring a magnet snap top,  the pen has even been crafted through milling the material with a diamond tool. Talk about lux.

The clip of the pen is rendered with platinum plating too, because of course.

Newson had the following to say about the project.

"Like Montblanc, I seek to strike a balance in the design between the simplicity of the functional qualities of this product and the creation of a sensory experience in its use. From the sight of the shape’s clean lines or the detailed plating of the nib, from the touch and feel of the writing instrument with its polished surface and ruthenium forepart, to the sound of the click of the cap as it is drawn to the body of the writing instrument with the magnet, Montblanc M offers a seamless writing experience that engages all sense."

Look for the collaboration to hit stores in September 2015. It will surely be on the pricey side, but every guy needs at least one fine pen on his desk, why not make it a special, limited edition one?