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This Minimal Wooden iPhone Case Also Charges Your Device Wirelessly

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We're all for a solid iPhone case that's a little different than the norm. This one from Orée is flat out gorgeous, completely modern, and is the kind of thing 99% of people will notice and want on their own device after seeing it on yours. It's made of durable French walnut and impressively enough, has a matching compatible charging mat that let's you add juice to your iPhone without wires or having to plug anything in. Sure, there are a handful of options out there already doing this---this isn't new news---but few compete in the aesthetics department and match so perfectly. The charging mat is something you'll be proud to show off on your desk or nightstand, and the case is something you'll love carrying around with you each day. Pre-orders are going on now with an expected ship date of 2/15/2015. The case is priced right around $100 and the charing mat at around $130, so it's definitely expensive, but quality + amazing design come at a cost.