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The Marshmallow Crossbow You Didn't Know You Needed

Campfires will never be the same.
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Get your Hawkeye (not Joffrey) on with this too cool marshmallow crossbow from Litchfield. Sure, it's completely unnecessary and won't exactly intimate your daughters punk boyfriend, but imagine how much more fun s'mores sessions and campfire nights will be with this bad boy in hand? Especially considering it can fling a mallow up to 60 feet.

On top of being the ultimate weapon in low-key warfare, it's a beautifully crafted work of art. The crossbow is handmade in Vancouver from a solid piece of Douglas fir, an aluminum crosspiece, and a black walnut trigger. Not your standard toy.

Right now, it's available for just $90. After you headshotting your buddy from distance, you'll realize it was worth every penny.