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Marshall Unveils Multi-Room Wireless Speaker System

Rock and roll sound.

Marshall is coming after Sonos with its beautiful new multi-room speaker system that connects wirelessly through a multitude of services like AirPlay and Spotify Connect.

Like Sonos, you can wirelessly listen to the same song throughout your home or have different music playing in different spaces. This is incredibly useful when entertaining and for people who prefer quality music over noisy TV as background sound throughout the day.

The system also allows you to add to the audio setup over time, mixing and matching various units as you go. Start with one in your living room and maybe snag one for the master bedroom too. And at Christmas? Perhaps Santa gifts you another speaker for the bathroom. Eventually, you'll have the whole house configured in premium sound without having to drop a ton of cash at once.

Now available through Amazon with prices starting at just $169/speaker, getting a few of these in your place definitely wouldn't be a bad move.