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Here's Your Chance to Score Marlon Brando's 'Godfather' Rolex

A Rolex Datejust owned by Marlon Brando after his 1973 Oscar win for The Godfather is being put up for auction on May 11. The watch, which has a starting bid of just $1,000, is engraved on the caseback with 'Vito's' and 'MB,' a reference to Brando's iconic character Vito Corleone.  

It's part of the upcoming lineup at GWS Auctions' 'Artifacts of Hollywood & Music' sale in Los Angeles which is brimming with cool celeb memorabilia. 

According to the letter of authenticity that comes with the watch, Brando later gave it to Oscar-nominated costume designer Patricia Norris in 1976 after the pair developed a friendship and he told her that the Rolex "would fit her well." 

While there will doubtless be some debate about its authenticity, if the classic 36mm steel cased Datejust can be definitively linked to Brando, suffice to say it could bring in a pretty good sum.

But since there's always a chance you could pick it up for a song, we suggest practicing with your bidding arm....