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LG Debuts the Achingly Beautiful Objet TV

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LG has just revealed the upcoming Objet TV, which features a stunning 65" OLED screen and an equally stunning design presence. The latter is thanks to a motorized fabric cover that conceals the television when not in use and comes in your choice of three colorways provided by Scandinavian textile house Kvadrat.

It's also specifically intended to be leaned against a wall — like a canvas art piece, for instance — rather than mounted on the wall or placed on a traditional stand. This looks fresh and modern, and perhaps more importantly than that, saves you installation and cord management headaches.

The sound delivers beyond your average TV too, offering an 80W, 4.2-channel system limiting the need for an additional soundbar. Smart TV elements, meanwhile, provide all the streaming apps you could want.

As for the release date and price, both are TBA.