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Leica's Affordable Instant Camera Is a Must-Buy

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Leica, the German masterminds behind some of the best (and more beautiful) cameras in the world, just announced they're getting in the instant game with the unveiling of the Sofort – a Polaroid-style camera that's dripping in all kinds of cool.

Expected to cost only around $250, a small fraction of the cheapest traditional Leicas on the market, it'll be a great way for amateur photographers to capture the world in a way that's far more interesting than a phone camera but smaller, easier, and more laidback than a full-blown DSLR or high-end point and shoot.

The camera lets you switch between a few different modes depending on the kind of shot you want to take – Macro, Action & Sport, Self-Timer, Double Exposure and Selfie – and packs a 60mm f12.7 lens. Leica will also be developing and selling its own film for this project.

Expected to hit store shelves in time for the holiday season, here's to hoping one of these gets under your Christmas tree.