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The Kingsman x TAG Heuer Smartwatch Is Now Available

The spy-worthy collab will appear in the upcoming movie sequel.
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We're torn here.

If there's one thing we unabashedly love, it's the Kingsman franchise.

If there's one thing we could probably do without, it's smartwatches.

But for some reason, perhaps due to extreme fanboyism, the Kingsman x Tag Heuer Smartwatch is seriously appetizing. 

Though a far cry from the supremely gorgeous Kingsman x Bremont watches that appeared in the original movie, this "connected" smart watch, which will be worn by Taron Egerton's character in The Golden Circle, has some modern spy appeal and touches of premium luxury like the black matte-ceramic bezel and rose gold-capped modular and lugs.

The watch is presented in a beautiful special edition box and comes with two straps that can be swapped and changed without tools. One is a rubber-backed brown leather and the other in a super stylish orange alcantara, which is inspired by the tangerine velvet smoking jacket Egerton's character sports in the flick.

Though $3,650 is quite the price tag for a smartwatch, even one clad in rose gold, there's something so intoxicating about dressing up in a Savile Row suit, sporting a techy watch out of your childhood dreams, and doing your best impression of a new school British spy.