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Jack Mason's New Solar Watch Sets the Sustainability Bar High

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The handsome new solar field watch by Jack Mason is the perfect worry-free, summer-ready, environmentally-conscious timepiece for the #seeyououtthere set.

Thoroughly designed with the sustainability at the forefront, it features a highly durable case made from recycled stainless steel, a solar powered battery that can retain six months of use on a single charge from either indoor or outdoor light, two included straps made from recycled PET plastics and renewable cork, and a highly scratch and shatter-resistant sapphire glass crystal. And in addition to the watch itself, each purchase ships with a special 100% recycled package complete with a Rite in the Rain weatherproof, 100% recycled notebook and two pencils made from recycled newspaper.

If you love this watch design and everything it stands for, head here to get one in your kit and take on life's adventures in style.