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It Might Look Dorky, But These Headphones Play Music Through Your Skull

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Even thought it looks like something one of the engineers in an old Star Trek episode would wear, the BATBAND headphones are wildly cool. It uses an "innovative bone conduction system," which allows you to listen to audio content ears-free. This means your brain can enjoy two different sets of sound at the same time--your private listening session and the world around you.

Now on Kickstarter, the team behind the mind-blowing project made a video that dives into the science. If you're fascinated by this technology, it's well worth a watch.

Priced at $149 a pop, they're right around the same price as the usual offerings from Bose and B&O, which might not mean much if the sound doesn't compete. Either way, this is an exciting addition to a product category which hasn't seen that much innovation over the last few years. Shipping is expected to begin in April 2016.