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An Idiot-Proof Valentine's Day Gift Every Woman Will Love

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Looking to hit a grand slam with your significant other this Valentine's Day? Pair a few dozen roses with one of these bad boys from Coordinates Collection. Their signature styles are bracelets, rings and necklaces---all made in Los Angeles---that have a specific location engraved using longitude and latitude. Pick a spot that's special to the both of you---the place where you first kissed, the place where you first said three little words, the place where you proposed---and they'll do the rest. Prices range depending on whether you go with plated, sterling silver, or 14k gold, so no matter your budget, there's something that will work. Here's a few shots from their Instagram of the things in action. Out of all the choices, we recommended the bracelet the most. It will be the easiest for her to incorporate into her everyday look... Customize your own here.

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