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This Instant-Developing Camera Is The Easiest Way To Capture Memories In Style

Impressive work from Impossible Project.
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Inspired by the old school Polaroid models, the I-1 from Impossible Project is a super easy to use instant-developing camera that feels 100% quality, not like some cheap plastic toy. 

Unlike some other instant-developing cameras, this one has all the details just right. The lens auto-adjusts to ambient light and focal-distance and is encircled by a ring LED flash, the latter of which makes everyone look amazing in photos.

There's even a free companion app which allows you to get real fancy with the settings and adjust things like aperture, shutter speed, and flash settings. 

Easily charged via USB, this is the kind of camera most people will have a lot of fun with. It's perfect for the kind of human being who wants to capture people and places with a device more interesting than an iPhone but less complicated (and expensive) than a DSLR with a handful of lenses. Happy shooting.