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To any timepiece traditionalist: the idea of getting liquid inside of your favorite watch is nothing short of blood-curdling. 

Traditionalists? Our friends at The Hydromechanical Horologists (HYT) are the farthest thing from. To HYT, the status quo only impedes the path to the future. Enter: The liquid-fueled HYT Skull Bad Boy

At first glance, this sleek while aggressive watch will likely make even the most casual of onlookers wring their neck in a disbelieving double-take. 

To that, we say: mission accomplished.

Historically, magnificent leaps of technology and style have never initially looked anything close to conventional, and the Skull Bad Boy proves that theory in spades. It’s fairly difficult to imagine that people were anything less than nonplussed the first time Greek astronomer Theodosius pulled back the sheet on his sundial; that thing must’ve looked out of this world to the uninitiated eye. 

Out of this world is close, but this Bad Boy looks more like it was forged in the workshop of Tony Stark. A beautiful amalgamation of Swiss manufacturing, mad science, and sleek design: slip this beast on, and you might very quickly realize you’re late to saving the world.

Like all great Stark tech: it’s the mind-blowing science that quite literally makes this thing tick. What’s more, it’s truly so advanced that only the brilliant words from the minds at HYT could do their achievement justice:

The principle? Two flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end. In one, a colored aqueous liquid. In the other, a viscous transparent liquid. Keeping them apart is the repulsion force of the molecules in each fluid. At 6 o`clock, the two bellows, made from an incredibly strong and supple electro­deposited alloy, are moved by a piston. The hours are indicated by the colored aqueous liquid released from a flexible reservoir compressed by a piston. The first colored liquid travels through the capillary pushing the transparent viscous one back into its own reservoir and then returning to its original position at 6:00 in what is referred to as a retrograde manner. 

That’s right: a watch that runs on specifically charged fluid molecules. Unlike it’s green and red cousins, The Bad Boy boasts a unique chemical property that has been applied to the fluid inside, which compliments the slick and aggressive black appearance. 

What does all of this mean? We have no idea. What we do know for sure is that HYT brings it all together in stunning harmony to form one truly monumental timepiece that’ll be sure to catch plenty of attention