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Hot Wheels Creates Die-Cast Porsche Models Inspired By Magnus Walker

His legendary garage becomes stylish, playful toys.

Magnus Walker fell in love with a 911 Turbo at the 1977 Earls Court Motor Show. From that day forward, his childhood dream was to have one in his garage. 

Now he's one of the most prolific Porsche collectors – owning not one, but an assemblage of luscious 911s. In a legacy fashion, he partnered up with Hot Wheels to help drive a new generation of childhood dreams. 

Inspired from Walker's personal collection, these Porsche models were graphically designed from the man himself. 

Sharing passion for the car culture, the partnership-made-in-heaven draws mutual inspiration, spanning from the streets to what's shared online. 

Teaming up to fuel a new generation of auto-enthusiasts is as cool as it gets and that's exactly what Hot Wheels x Magnus Walker achieved with these Porsche models. Because whether these cars are parked on a shelf, or driving on a living room floor rug, each one will have an aspiring story of their own.