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HODINKEE's Leather Travel Box Is A Watch Guy Essential

For your eight best on-the-go.
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If you collected baseball or football cards as a child, you're familiar with the importance of a good "case." You treasured the things, looked at them constantly, and spent much of your youth perfectly curating a humble collection that celebrates rarity, your favorite players, and your favorite teams. You needed the right binders, the right sleeves, and the right plastic case – everything had to be perfect. Collecting watches is sort of the grown-up, elegant, and stylish version of collecting trading cards. Time, love, research, and study goes into knowing the ins and outs of the hobby and building a collection is just as fun, exciting, frustrating, and enjoyable. So, much like your childhood trading cards, you need a good case. Enter – this handsome one from HODINKEE.

For both the watch obsessive always on the go or the gentleman who just needs a cool place to store his timepieces, you can't do much better than this leather travel box.

Sourced from an artisan in Italy, the box features imprints to securely hold eight different watches plus an additional compartment that can hold a handful of extra straps and strap changing tools.

Priced at $850, these (like much of what's in the HODINKEE shop) will sell out quickly, so get your order in now if it's a must-buy.