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HMM Debuts the Workspace-Upgrading Plummet Pen

“I wear my Pen as others do their Sword,” wrote John Oldham, the 17th century Massachusetts pilgrim who lived a full life as a sea captain, trader, and renowned troublemaker. Presumably, his pen wasn’t some plastic Bic cheapie grabbed from the office supply cabinet. Every guy needs to put some thought into the implements of his daily life. And plenty of thought has gone into the design of the Plummet Pen by the team at HMM who have an uncanny knack for details. 

For starters, it’s built from a special aluminum alloy for a combination of sturdiness and a lightweight feel. The ballpoint retracts or extends with a nice twist mechanism. The thickness of the grip area gives a comfortable feel in the fingers. A secondary effect of the thick grip is that the pen's center of mass is lower which makes for greater agility of movement when writing. 

The inspiration for the shape—and the name—of the Plummet Pen is the fishing floats that anglers use, which need to have one end (containing bait) sink below the water while the other end remains buoyant above. 

Available here.