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6 High-Tech Home Goods Straight Out of Tony Stark's Place

No longer science fiction.

If you’ve been dreaming of living in Tony Stark’s Malibu home, look no further than these innovative home decor products that'll take your abode from current to futuristic in no time.

1. Hayo

Systems like Echo and Nest all serve to centralize everything from music to television to your home’s thermostat using voice commands, but they’re pretty lonely in the category of smart home devices. If you don’t like the way either operates, take a look at Hayo instead. Combining home security with light, temperature, and music control, Hayo sets itself apart from other systems by offering customizable virtual controls. 

These control areas allow you to change your music volume with common household items, like coasters, or dim your lights with a tap on the kitchen countertop. Plus, you can set up virtual boundaries for the device to keep track. If you have young kids or are heading out of town for the week, the Hayo can keep an eye on areas you select and alert you if it detects something abnormal. Though Hayo isn’t ready just yet, you can pre-order it now and be a trendsetter when word gets out later. The company hopes to reach its funding goals with time to fill orders by November 2017. 

2. Beautyrest Black Hybrid

Every futuristic home needs an appropriately tech-laden bedroom, and that distinction extends beyond just gadgetry. The Beautyrest Black Hybrid mattress proves your mattress can be just as technical as the rest of your home. Updated triple-strand coils and Micro Diamond Memory Foam (yes, it actually contains diamonds) work together to provide some of the most customizable support, cushioning, and motion dispersion available today. Healthy sleep has far-reaching emotional and physical effects on the rest of your life, so if you’re still making do on a sagging mattress from pre-Wi-Fi days, the Beautyrest Black is an innovative solution to help make sure you get more ZZZs.

3. Depict

As another soon-to-be-released product, Depict frames are different than what you’d find at your average home decor store. Fuel your tech-savvy reputation by reserving one of the brand’s sleek digital frames and display art in an entirely new way. With a matte, anti-glare finish surrounded by a classic wood construction, your digital images will dazzle in a Depict frame. 

Hosting the whole family for Christmas? Switch your frame to display a throwback image of Christmas years ago to welcome your guests. Looking forward to a French sojourn? Fill your frames with artwork from the Impressionists in the weeks leading up to your trip. Choose from hundreds of pieces in Depict’s virtual collection, or upload your own straight from a mobile device, and enjoy nearly instantaneous customization that will keep your home rich in visual inspiration.

4. Philips Wake-Up Light

If you struggle to log the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night, consider investing in new technology to change your bedtime and morning routines. A Philips Wake-Up Light surrounds you with sunrise and sunset colors depending on the time of day, helping your body recognize when it’s time to unwind or begin waking up. 

The light also comes with a host of savvy customization options, including the choice of waking up to pre-programmed sounds or the radio station of your choosing, and it dims automatically when it senses a room getting dark. Since too much light exposure is a key contributor to sleep issues, consider this light part alarm clock, part personal sleep butler. 

5. Miseno Digital Mirrors

Regular mirrors are good enough, but why keep using one when you could upgrade to a digital mirror? Miseno makes touchscreen-controlled digital mirrors that are backlit already, so you’ll no longer need to bother with pesky light bulbs and overhead lighting interfering with your reflection. With sharp edges and clean lines, it's a stylish, functional addition to any bathroom. 

6. Samsung Family Hub

Samsung decided to take the old adage that “the kitchen is the heart of the home” seriously when designing the all-new Family Hub, and this smart refrigerator represents an unprecedented update to life in the kitchen for busy families. Part tablet, part fridge, the Family Hub allows you to make and update grocery lists, order food, and see what’s in your refrigerator from mobile devices (without opening the door). And that’s not all. 

The Family Hub also allows you to stay in touch with your busy family, posting schedules, sharing photos, and communicating with the kids or your spouse when you’re all running in different directions. And on those rare occasions when you do snag a few spare minutes alone in the kitchen to cook, the Family Hub will stream your favorite music, podcasts, or TV shows to cook to, displaying them beautifully on its television-sized screen.