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These Nearly Indestructible Bags Can Heal Themselves Like Wolverine

Thanks to the same WWII textile used to make parachutes.
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Herschel bags are pretty much everywhere nowadays, but they've never released something this cool before. 

Their SealTech line is made from a textile that can handle minor punctures and stop tears with ease, making the bag nearly indestructible from the heaviest of everyday use.  It won't stand a chance against a full blow machete or a red hot bullets, it's not a tank, but you could carry one of these things through hell and back without much of a problem.

The special fabric was orignally created in WWII for parachutes and is still used today to create things like boat sails and heavy duty tents for the Bear Grylls types. 

Most interestingly, though, is that the fabric can heal itself like Wolverine. You just gotta rub your fingers over the punctured fabric quickly and the fibers will reconnect thanks to the heat. It's pretty amazing.

Available now on Herschel's online store, the backpack will set you back $149 and the duffel $100. Get after it.