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Hasselblad Introduces Gorgeous Modular Camera

Is this the future of photography?
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Hasselblad just pulled the curtain off the V1D 4116 concept, a modular-style camera that allows you to attach a handful of accessories on all sides of the body. 

Want the viewfinder on the top? No problem. Want the aperture and shutter speed buttons on the left side instead of the right? Easy. It's all particularly handy for those that are left-handed and prefer things swapped from the norm.

It's also made from the team at Hasselblad, let's not forget, so you know it's 100% quality. They handmake everything in Sweden, have an incredible eye for design, and are trusted by NASA as the official camera of space. Their work never messes around.

We'll let you know when this concept becomes a reality and hits store shelves. Hopefully sooner rather than later.