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Hmmm. An "adult" coloring book?

In some circles, these are all the rage. Highly intricate, beautifully done, and meditation-level relaxing.

If you walk into any book store nowadays, they'll be shelves and shelves lined with these things, but none will be as beautiful as what you're about to scope out.

Enter Rafael Araujo, a super taletned Venezuelan architect and illustrator.

His work celebrates the Golden Ratio, which is represented by the Greek letter ϕ, equals 1.618, and is absoltuely everywhere throughout nature.

But most impressively, the guy creates all his art without a computer. Everything is done by hand with pencils, rulers, compasses, and other old-timey tools. 

He's compiled this project into a very cool coloring book that's not only seriously gallery worthy, but available for pre-order for just $26

Time to lock in your creativity, relax your brain, and get coloring.....