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Google's Sexy And Simple New WiFi Router = Game Changer

Problem solvers.
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If you're like any person on the planet with an internet connection, you're most likely tired of blinking lights, complicated default passwords, and horribly bad tech support. Fortunately, Google came in, superhero status, and saved the day with a simple, sleek, and sexy alternative--the OnHub.

From simply a design standpoint, its good looks make it acceptable to not have tucked away in a closet, so you can actually place the tower shaped device in the center of your home (for optimal WiFi strength) and not feel like your living room is the AV Club hangout.

From a performance standpoint, it's even more impressive, with an incredibly easy setup process, insanely simple troubleshooting, and an app (for both Android and iOS) that makes controlling the thing uncomplicated, not a puzzle of blinking lights and barcodes in size 5pt font.

Priced at $199, it's towards the premium side of the WiFi router market, but for something as important as internet--our guess is almost everyone reading this use the WWW daily for both work and play--it's a cost that's worth it. It's available for pre-order now with shipping starting August 31, 2015.