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Is the Google Pixel an iPhone Killer?

Lay your eyes on the best Android option.
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Today, Google announced the Pixel, a made-in-house Android smartphone without all the baggage that comes with a powered-by-Google phone from Samsung or HTC. No cheap plastic casing, weird apps pre-installed or explosions when you try charging it. Just Android as Google intended it to be, not how carriers and third party manufacturers do.

It's got a stunning design, comes packed with the "highest rated smartphone camera ever," a battery that "lasts all day," and unlimited storage for all your photos and videos. It's an Android phone that doesn't feel like an Android phone. In fact, it feels quite a bit like an iPhone. 

The base-level Pixel starts at $649 or $27 a month and is available for pre-order through Google and Verizon now. It's a gorgeous piece of tech and a strong option if you're not happy with iOS and can stand being the "green bubbles" friend. We're into it.