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Google Introduces Beautifully Designed $79 VR Headset

A smart buy for Android enthusiasts.

Google just announced the Daydream View, a soft and lightweight VR headset with a simple controller that connects to any supported Android phone for an immersive experience.

Crafted from fabric instead of stark plastic, it's far more beautiful than anything else in the space. The accessibility of the aesthetics will hopefully draw in those who get turned off by the giant, heavy helmets other companies are making. It's also only $79, way cheaper than the stuff coming from Oculus or Sony, but also far less powerful. It's a "dumb" headset, meaning all the power comes exclusively from the smartphone for "limited" (but still impressive) immersion. Think of it like the Google Cardboard VR set on steroids.

If you're a big time Android user and want a quick, easy, and cheap way to get some VR content – this seems like the ticket. It should hit stores by Christmas.