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Genius App Plays Nickelback Every Time You Try To Contact Your Ex

If only this was real.

At pretty much any time during your young adult life, there's always a friend who is having trouble getting over an ex. Whether it's freakishly stocking their Facebook page or drunk texting at 2am, technology has made breakups a lot less cut and dry. Thankfully, like everything, there's an app for that. Or at least an app idea.

Nickelblock is a devilishly simple and effective app that helps heartbroken people be a little less heartbroken. Every time you try to digitally reach out to your ex--whether on Instagram or through iMessages--BAM--an unbearable Nickelback song starts to play--the ultimate in human torture.

The video shows its cruelness in hilarious action.

Now, can some genius app-making coding expert make this thing real? The world would forever be in your debt.