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This Fully-Stocked Waxed Canvas Toiletry Roll Would Make An Awesome Christmas Gift

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There are very few men on the planet who wouldn't want this waxed canvas toiletry roll that was inspired by the tool rolls found on bikes like vintage Guzzis, Ducatis, BMW's, and Nortons. It's of suburb quality, looks awesome, and comes with a few top-notch essentials included, like Musco shaving cream, Marvis toothpaste, and a tortoise shell comb. If you're struggling to find that perfect gift for someone---brother, husband, cousin, father---consider this. You have about a 99% chance they'll love it. Here's another look at the roll...

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The guys over at Imperial Black---the dudes who made this awesome toiletry roll---also have an email list that's giving away massive discounts on their products leading up Christmas. Sign up here if you want to score some high quality and limited stuff on the cheap.