This Cast Iron Pan Is Lighter Than A 13" MacBook

Your kitchen needs this.
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Your kitchen needs this.

By this point, we all know how great cast iron pans are compared to those chemically laced no-stick nonsense that line that shelves of kitchen supplies stores.

They can take serious heat, basically act like a grill, develop a natural non-stick surface, and distribute heat perfectly. Plus, they're made out of iron, so the things are basically indestructible. 

The only downside? Most cast iron pans go way overboard in the weight department, loading you up with something that feels more like an oddly shaped kettlebell than a cooking essential. 

Fortunately for guys who like to cook up a storm, The Field Skillet has arrived. 

Through some tricky product development, the guys behind this project found a perfect sweet spot, giving you a skillet that's lighter than a 13" MacBook Pro without compromising performance.

On top of being lighter, eco-friendly and ISO certified, it's significantly cheaper than most you can find in stores, as they cut out most of the middle man costs and sell directly to you. Right now, you can snag it on Kickstarter at a discounted price of $90, with shipping expected to start in July. We're generally so-so on most Kickstarter projects, but this one seems like a total winner.