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Ex-CEO Of Apple Just Unveiled A Minimal And Stylish Android Phone

For Android, this isn't bad.

The problem with a lot of Android-powered phones on the market is the same with many PC's on the market--they're loaded with junkware. Nobody wants to go through their brand new device and spend three hours deleting apps like "AT&T Mobile Ringtone Creator." First-party devices like the Google Nexus avoid this, but the majority of the rest--loaded with crap and poor Samsung branding. Fortunately, former Apple CEO John Sculley launched his new company--Obi Worldphone--with a goal of creating minimal, paired down Android phones with prices that can't be beat.

There are two different options, the SF1, which offers 4G/LTE, a fiberglass body, 5-inch display, and 16gb of storage with a price tag of $199, and a lower end option, the SF1.5, which goes for $129 and offers (only) 3G with 16GB of storage.

Their goal is to make these phones widely available around the globe at prices more people can afford than with alternative options. Their launch countries are Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Pakistan, Turkey and India, but they'll be spreading elsewhere soon. 

For the money, these slim and stylish Android phones are a great look and we're excited to see these in the hands of many. Hat tip to HighSnobiety for the find.