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Everything You Need to Know About the Apple HomePod

Cupertino enters the home audio space.
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Today, Apple introduced the HomePod to the world, an Amazon Echo meets Sonos speaker that will surely shake up the home audio industry. It's their first new product release in years, so the buzz is hyped up pretty high with this one.

The HomePad packs a high-excursion woofer with a custom amplifier, seven beamforming tweeters for 360 degrees of sound, and a special, advanced algorithm that tunes the low frequencies on the fly for super smooth and distortion‑free tunes. It can also, like Sonos, adjust the sound based on the room it's in and connect to other speakers around your home for crystal clear audio throughout your entire pad.

Siri is obviously built-in, with plenty of voice control to manage not just Apple Music and its 40 million songs, but everyday household questions and tasks connected to Apple's HomeKit.

Available in two colors and wrapped in a seamless mesh fabric, the HomePod has signature Apple style and is sure to be a worthy alternative to Sonos and the Amazon Echo, esepcially for those who have Mac-ed out their technology and don't mind paying a premium for style points. It will be available in December with a price tag of $349.