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Everything You Need To Know About The iPad Pro

Like a Surface...but better.
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Apple just unveiled the stunning new iPad Pro, with a massive 12.9 inch screen and the kind of power normally reserved for desktop machines--it's nearly twice as fast as the iPad Air 2.

It features 5.6 million pixels, the highest‑resolution Retina display of any iOS device, and makes watching movies on 4K a (practically) better viewing experience than a decent home theatre set up.

Despite its awesomely giant size, the device is only 6.9 mm thin and 1.57 pounds, right around the same as the very first iPad. 

It also features four new high‑fidelity speakers that automatically adjust based on how you’re holding it, so sound is always super crisp no matter the orientation or usage.

Like the Microsoft Surface, it features a roll out physical keyboard for laptop-style usage on the go. This isn't a new idea, but it's certainly a welcome one. It'll set you back an additional $149.

Lastly, there's the Apple Pencil, which is basically your typical stylus on steroids, giving you pixel‑perfect precision and a range of deadly accurate artistic strokes and effects. Not included, but for artists and creatives, the additional $99 price tag is more than reasonable

The iPad Pro starts at $799 for the 32gb version and ships in November. Certainly not for everybody, but we couldn't be more excited to browse the web, read magazines, and watch movies on the bad boy.