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10 Essential Things Every Guy Should Keep in His Car

Always be prepared.
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You need a few more things in your ride than insurance cards and registration. Here's a handful of selections you'll be glad you had on hand when the time comes:

1.) Flashlight

This bright utility flashlight from MecArmy is solidly constructed from quality materials and packs a seriously bright LED light. Plus, its pocket size, so it won't take up too much room in your glove compartment.

2.) First Aid Kit

Throw one of these comprehensive first aid kits in your trunk and hope you'll never need to use it. This one is super reasonably priced, comes from the number one leading manufacturer of First Aid Kits in the USA, and has over 300 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment products.

3.) Multitool

This stealthy all-black multitool from Gerber certainly doesn't mess around. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it includes a cross-point screwdriver, small, medium, and large flat-blade screwdrivers, a can opener, a bottle opener, a file, a saw, scissors, as well as a dedicated wire cutter/stripper. 

4.) Pocket Knife

This beautiful folding knife is handmade in Sweden and will be more useful than you think, especially if you're the kind of guy who is constantly going on weekend excursions. 

5.) Room Spray

Ditch the cardboard hanging trees for a more undercover solution: room spray. Juniper Ridge makes amazing, masculine fragrances that are perfect for spraying whenever you car smells a little funky or that takeout Indian food continues to linger.

6.) Tissues

Handy for spills, sneezes and when you have a cold, leaving a pack of tissues in your glove compartment or center console is a move you won't ever regret.

7.) Portable Battery Charger

When on the go and your phone is in the red, having one of these fully charged and ready to bring with you is a total game changer. Mophie makes the sleekest and sharpest options on the market.

8.) Shopping Bags

Many places around the globe are now charging customers for using paper or plastic bags at grocery markets. Avoid the fees (and help the environment) by keeping a few reusable bags in your trunk at all times. There are plenty of less expensive options available but none that look as good as the Market Bag by Apolis.

9.) Portable Face Wipes

These essential face wipes from Vermont-based grooming experts Ursa Major are the perfect pick-me-up after a long day at the office or gruesome hour in traffic. Applying one of these will instantly make you feel ten times better.

10.) Umbrella

For those times when you get stuck in the rain and showing up to your next meeting soaking wet isn't an option. This example from Tumi will hold up for years, looks good, and won't ever give you a hassle thanks to its auto-close feature.