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DJ Controls Music With High Tech Gloves And It's Actually Pretty Cool

Remidi, you're impressing us.

DJs get a lot of flak. Some deserved, some not.

"He just plugs in an iPod and hits play!"

"The guy wears a giant mouse head and dances on stage. No talent!"

We can't defend neon green rodent masks, but these gloves from Remidi might change the art of DJ-ing completely. They control everything from reverb to echo and can stimulate different music like a keyboard or drum kit.

Here's a video that breaks down all the action. It's a pretty impressive demonstration of how interesting these gloves can get.

Right now, you can snag 'em on Kickstarter for $229, with shipping expected to start in September 2016. They likely won't impress your significant other like an acoustic guitar and John Mayer cover song, but that doesn't make them any less interesting.