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DISCOMMON and IRIS Reveal Collaborative Headphones That Activate Flow State

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On the hunt for an über-premium audio experience? IRIS has just unveiled new headphones powered by a proprietary algorithm that delivers heightened live audio playback typically absent from digital compression. It's achieved through a unique, scientifically-proven neurological stimulation that activates flow state and relaxes the brain. "It doesn’t take you back to the CD or vinyl era," the brand says. "But to the room where the music was originally recorded." 

They tapped none other than DISCOMMON — makers of some of the world's most lust-worthy objects of desire — to "wrap the technology in art." And to no surprise, the good taste of the design house and its founder Neil Ferrier shines through every aspect. Most notably, it's clad with an artful and translucent glow that showcases the technology working inside.

Accepting pre-orders here, it's priced at $399 USD and available in multiple colorways. Shipping is scheduled for Oct. 2020.