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Answered: What's the Difference Between Persol's 714 and 714 Steve McQueen Sunglasses?

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Italian eyewear house Persol has just released a new version of the 714 Steve McQueen, which celebrates the 1960s sunglasses design made famous by the late actor. And though the original 714 Steve McQueen releases featured his signature blue lenses, the latest is back in (jet) black.

And yes, black-on-black 714 sunglasses from Persol have been readily available for ages. But the 714 Steve McQueen has a few key differences which justify the separation in price and make this is a notable release. Beyond dedicated packaging with McQueen-focused branding, the special edition model features upgraded, better-looking hinges and a completely remixed folding system that sees the arms folding inwards as opposed to down. It's a design swerve that is not only truer to the original but delivers a more flattering, comfortable fit that applies less pressure to the sides of the head. It's a rather complicated process to make happen as well, requiring 10 additional manufacturing steps.

The case included with every purchase of 714 Steve McQueen sunglasses also sees a major upgrade compared to the standard 714 specs. It ditches the slippery magnet closure for a snap button and delivers a higher quality leather exterior that feels great in the hand.  The interior, meanwhile, is also lined with velvet for both style points and greater protection from scratches.

Available now, you can shop the new black-on-black 714 Steve McQueen sunglasses right here