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The Easiest Way To Always Smell Mysterious

Sponsored by Debonair Scent.

How many times have you gone through less than half a bottle of cologne, only to pick up something new up and ditch the old, stale scent you've had for far too long?

That's how most guys operate. The standard bottle of cologne is too big, sits in your medicine cabinet for an entirety, and gets boring too fast.

Fortunately, there's a simple solution to that problem. 

Knowing that a fresh dose of good smells goes a long way, the guys at Debonair Scent created a program that hand-selects three different colognes from hundreds of authentic designers and niche brands and delivers it your doorstep each month. 

After you complete a scent profile, their experts will identify colognes that compliment your personal taste and lifestyle best and load you up with three 3ML bottles from top shelf brands like Gucci and Diptique, which is just enough to keep you smelling like the man for the entire month. 

Setting you back $15 for the monthly package, we got you a simple hookup to get started. Just use the code AIROWS50 at checkout for 50% off your first order. 

Keeping your scent game in heavy rotation is the easiest way to come off as surprising, unique, and a little mysterious.