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BLAKEN's Customized Luxury Watches Need To Be On Your Radar

We're sure of it.

BLAKEN is a super cool company that beautifully customizes watches using what they call DLC or "Diamond Like Carbon" coating. 

This process takes 16 days and creates a shine and toughness that is rarely matched anywhere in both science or technology. To give some perspective, the layer applied to these customized watches is only 1-2 micrometers thick (thats one thousandth of a millimeter) yet it  leaves your watch both scratch resistant and up to eight times harder than steel. 

Just when you thought things couldn't get any cooler, the BLAKEN website now allows you to customize your own Rolex and has also been releasing a steady stream of rare limited edition watches like this drool worthy matte black Panerai

Let's also not forget the BLAKEN James Bond Submariner with a black bezel and gold details. A more refined design from the 1950s that's neither shaken, nor stirred.