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Score 20% Off the World’s First Radially Tensioned Umbrella

The team at Blunt made a traditional umbrella on steroids, with crafty advancements like a modern wind-shearing shape and a tensioning system that can practically handle tornado-like breezes. This all adds up to a beautifully simple, ultra-rugged umbrella that won't flip inside out while commuting to work or look ragged after a few months of life in Seattle or San Francisco. 

Each of their patented designs has not just been tested in the real world but taken to full-blown wind tunnels that crank up 50 mph gusts. Plus, if anything goes wrong – they probably won't, each umbrella goes through a 38 point quality check before leaving their HQ – they'll replace in a flash.

Currently on sale for just $48-$64/each, now is definitely the time to stay dry in style....