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10 Coolest Things Named After Ernest Hemingway–From Rum to Restaurants

In the spirit. Mostly.

During his lifetime Ernest Hemingway was almost inconceivably famous the world over. These days his allure may have faded a bit outside of literature majors but his name still sells a wide variety of products, some of which we doubt he would have approved of, others exactly in his spirit. Here are the 10 coolest:

1.) Papa's Pilar Rum

Though Hemingway was known to be fairly indiscriminate when it came to alcohol – he did have favorites but was usually satisfied with whatever was closest – this is the only authorized spirit to bear his name.

2.) Ernest Loves Agnes, Seattle

This Italian restaurant pays homage to the fictionalized romance between the author and nurse Agnes von Kurowsky that inspired A Farewell to Arms.

3.) Woolrich Woolen Mills Hemingway Jacket

It's from a few seasons ago so you'll have to track one down on eBay, but this clever hybrid of a blazer and Hemingway's signature safari jacket is well worth the trouble. 

4.) Thomasville Hemingway Walden Chair

Lots of attempts have been made to replicate the comfy furniture Papa favored. Oddly none of them have cigarette burns and glass rings on them.

5.) Montblanc Hemingway Fountain Pen

The color scheme is reminiscent of a Montblanc fountain pen from the 1930s, "the decade in which Hemingway celebrated his earliest success."

6.) J. Peterman Hemingway's Cap

Leave it to J. Peterman to recreate the author's fishing cap, which he "possibly bought in a gas station on the road to Ketchum [or] maybe in a tackle shop in Key West."

7.) Ernest Hemingway Collection Tortoiseshell Glasses

Classic tortoiseshell glasses that would pretty much look great on anyone, Hemingway fan or not. Also: price = unbeatable. 

8.) Hemingway Double Monkstrap Shoes

Awl & Sundry produced this wearable tribute to the author, which may or may not improve your writing skills but will certainly keep you well-dressed from the ankles down.

9.) Ernest Hemingway Linen Shirt

Like the tortoiseshell specs, this is a timeless item that is pretty much flattering to anyone. Only you need to know who's name's on the label. 

10.) Ernest Hemingway Slant Pocket Pants

We couldn't really say if Hemingway ever sported monkstrap shoes, but we're pretty sure he didn't wear skinny pants. However, these are kind of cool.