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Style, Vintage Appeal & Pleasing Affordability: These Watches Have It All

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Love the look of vintage dive watches?

You do.

Every man does.

It's practically in our DNA to be drawn to them.

But here's the problem: no matter how big your paycheck, it's hard to pull the trigger on a classic "grail" watch, especially when price tags are closer to Range Rovers than their new, modern counterparts. And if you do end up taking the plunge, it's even harder to "wear" it in the truest sense: all the time, in any circumstance, without worry.

And that's where Tokyo-based Vague Watch Co. comes in.

Paying homage to the fades and patinas of iconic watch designs, each pleasingly affordable timepiece from their inventory comes "pre-distressed" like a pair of heavily washed denim jeans with unique fades right out of the box. 

You've got two options to choose from: a blacked-out watch on a NATO strap with a near-silent Japanese quartz movement ($275) and a "ghost bezel" watch on a darkened steel bracelet with an automatic movement ($450). Each feature vintage-y dial details and ship with a cool military-inspired case and an additional nylon NATO strap.