Enhance Your Workspace With This Beautiful Sculpture-Paperweight-Puzzle Hybrid

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Craighill makes some of our favorite objects for your person and home and their latest release is another winner: a pool ball-sized desk weight/sculpture/puzzle hybrid designed to dress up your workspace.

Crafted from three identical pieces of die-cast stainless steel with satin-finished exteriors and pebbled interiors, it opens and closes with satisfying ease, creating a perfect sphere and providing a beautiful thing to fidget with during those endless hours of unnecessary conference calls. And when you're not monkeying around with it, its brass-coated stand helps turn it into a design statement for your desk.

Head over here and grab one for your workspace. It may not be as impactful to your 9-5 as a fully loaded iMac Pro or brand new Herman Miller chair, but it'll do a lot for a little.