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10 Ways to Switch Your Personal Style to All-Black-Everything

We have long admired the all-black-everything look when it comes to stuff like cars, yachts, helicopters, and luxury watches. There's an appealing stealth and military vibe that also conveys a go-to-hell message and tells people just what you think of their shiny, happy colors. 

While yachts and hypercars may be above the average person's pay grade, there are plenty of ways to add some darkness to your portfolio without taking out a second mortgage. Here are 10 of the best:

Porsche Design Carbon Weekender, $1,850

This is one badass bag for an overnight getaway. Plus it's designed with the DNA of the 911 in mind.

Leica Q2 Camera Kit, $4,995

Leica makes the best cameras in the world, bar none and the Q2 is one of the most versatile and easy to use models in their catalog.

Bell Bullitt Carbon Helmet, $599

A modern treatment of Bell's retro-styled helmets recalling the glory days of motorsports and motorcycle racing. 

Persol D-Frame Sunglasses, $310

It doesn't get much better than Persols, first made famous by Steve McQueen. These ones are made from lightweight acetate that's patterned with Prince of Wales checks at the front.

UNIMATIC U1-EMN Watch, $710

We're all about affordable watch brands with great style these days, and this Italian diver really fits the bill.

Ridge Wallet, $115

Super light and super practical, this wallet/cash plate combo expands and contracts to fit whatever you put in it.

Ralph Lauren Bugatti Model, $1,595

The actual car costs tens of millions, but this incredibly detailed model is a great way to dress up and class up your desk.

Uzi Tactical Defender Pen, $24

Write notes, break glass, or do it all with this mission-critical, secret agent style bolt-action writing instrument.

James Brand Elko Knife, $70

The thing that really sets this knife apart is the DLC-coated blade, a military-derived treatment often seen on custom Rolexes.

Chicago Comb Co. Carbon Fiber Comb, $40

Elevate your EDC and stay perfectly well groomed with this carbon comb made in the USA. Plus it comes with a Horween leather sheath.