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The Free-To-Play iPhone Game Actually Worth Your Time

Throw this thing on your home screen.
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Most of the "free" iPhone games that liter the top-grossing charts of the App Store are nothing but manipulative cash grabs that are purposely addicting and frustrating to play without putting up real cash for "coins" or "gems" or whatever.

Many of them even lock you out of playing after a few matches unless you pay up.

This game is none of that. But it's totally free and a really good time.

It's called Clash Royale and it's from the same team that did Boom Beach and Clash Of Clans, but this jaunt is roughly ten times as fun and ten times less annoying than its predecessors.

A combination of tower defense, chess, and a card game, you'll find yourself hooked after the quick tutorial.

And the best part? There's really no need to throw down real money, unless you want to boost your team faster, which is essentially a cheat code that takes the fun out of it.

Beautifully designed, lightening fast, and the ability to play with friends easily makes this thing is a winner. A few of the guys from Airows HQ are building elite squads in the Wombats clan – the one with the yellow and green tree as the shield. Join us and let's get after it.