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The American Classics Of The '60s Inspired These Modern Wooden Toy Cars

Chiseled with style.

Stationed in Brooklyn, Candylab Toys' mission is to resurrect the captivating '60s American modernist vibe and sculpt it into a very cool, modern wooden toy design. Their squad of craftsman take their profound love of classic American cars and appreciation of mid-century design to appealingly carve timber ornaments. 

Made with solid Beech wood, these rides are equipped with sharp lines via water based paint, white ABS rims, logo-stamped rubber tires – and all the trinket flair you could ask for. 

Derived with "used to" vibes, the simple wood constructions with no loose or moving parts are crafted to stay in one piece for years to come – just like they made 'em back in the day. 

Add style to any shelf or desk. Or embrace their generational belief – children should be given free rein to use their imagination and create their own story around their beautifully made vehicles. 

The car-carpenters from Brooklyn certainly got our attention. Their shaped rides perfectly transport you back to the car days of the '60s – not too modern, not too old, just right. With our eyes down the road, we'll be following their wooden aspirations for years to come.