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BlueWave Mobile Hub From Ligo

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Live in a house where it is a constant battle to find phone signal? Sticking your hand out the window for a single bar of reception a common occurrence? Well, fear not, you are not alone. Thousands of people live in areas where mobile phone reception is fair from consistent and many others live in areas where it is completely non-existent. However, you don’t need to suffer in silence any longer courtesy of the fantastic BlueWave Mobile Hub from Ligo.

This excellent device will be a godsend to those living in reception black-holes because it allows you to connect any Bluetooth mobile phone to it and make and receive mobile phone calls using your house phone. In simple terms, it means that even if your mobile phone doesn’t have any reception, you’ll still receive the call if someone rings you on your mobile because it will divert to your home phone. Impressive stuff, no? So, if you’re planning on moving into the wild in 2013 (or, at least, somewhere with little or no phone signal) make sure you’ve packed away your Ligo BlueWave. Find out more at LiGo.

This is a guest post authored by Leo Parker.