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BlackJet Makes Flying Private Affordable

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Everybody likes the idea of flying private but very few people get to experience it. Not anymore. BlackJet is changing the game by selling seats instead of planes, thus providing accessible jet travel at reasonable costs.


“BlackJet is for the traveler with a serious need, someone who cannot afford to waste time in line, or risk their schedule to delays and cancellations which are commonplace flying the airlines” said CEO Dean Rotchin. “BlackJet private jet seats can be booked via the website -- and soon from your iPhone--in under 10 seconds. Seat prices range from $900 for shorter flights, and $3,500 for coast-to-coast flights. Private jet service is finally affordable.”


Though BlackJet doesn't own jets or employ pilots, it serves as the middle man and delivers guaranteed seats while connecting the travler with qualified operators.

Much like the private car company Uber (both Uber and BlackJet share a Co-Founder), availability is going to be limited to only a few major cities at first such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas but up to 15 markets and more than 100 service connections are planned for 2013. Membership is an invite only program too--but that's expected to change as the company prepares for a wider launch.

So forget about having to deal with flight delays, middle seats and all the other pains that come with flying commercial and just use BlackJet. We approve, Roc Nation approves (literally--the record label/management/music publishing/entertainment company is a backer), and you'll approve after you give it a try.